Best Wedding Venues in Kent – Kent Wedding Photography at Eastwell Manor with Sam & James

I love weddings, I particularly love weddings at beautiful venues, but it’s a particularly good ‘day at the office’ when this Kent Wedding Photographer gets to photograph wonderful people at one of the Best Wedding Venues in Kent – the unrivalled Eastwell Manor near Ashford.

The super lovely Sam and James met Inna and myself at the Bluewater Wedding Fair last year. Their plans were in the very early stages, but they knew for absolute certain that they would be married at the stunning Kent Wedding Venue as it was a particularly special place to Sam and her family.

I began my day with Sam at bridal prep while Soven, my second photographer for the day, met James and his groomsmen at the Church. It’s a very special privalege bearing witness to the intimate family dynamics of a wedding day, and I was so touched by the closeness Sam clearly shares with her mum and dad – and their happiness at Sam’s happiness and love with James positively shone through the entire day.

Photography was a very special element of Sam and James’s day, and it was fantastic to have windows of time carved out in their schedule for some couples portraits. We certainly made the most of them, in some instances revisiting spots where we had taken Engagement Photos last year (you can see the images from that fabulous shoot here: Kent Engagement Photographer).

I’m completely thrilled that Sam and James chose me to be their Kent Wedding Photographer, and equally delighted to have had the opportunity to shoot at one of the Best Kent Wedding Venues.

Here are a few of my favourite images from their special day. Thanks to my wonderful team on the day – to Soven for second shooting, and to Sabrina for assisting.



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I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blog about Sam and James’s fabulous day at one of the best wedding venues Kent has to offer!

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