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Being born and bred in London and a frequent London Event Photographer, I can say without a doubt that for me one of the highlights of the winter season is all of the London Events that I get to provide my photography services for. In the Summer months I shoot lots of weddings and that doesn’t leave many weekend dates for me to shoot parties or events, be they birthdays, bar mitzvah’s, product launches, conferences, christenings, baptisms, baby showers, staff parties, Christmas parties, Galas, Balls, Black Tie events, PR or Corporate events.

Being a London photographer, there is no distinction for me between the different jobs I get booked for. The attention to detail and preparation that I put into all of my photography work is the same, no matter who the client, or however big or small the event. My mission is to capture, document and preserve memories. Capturing the euphoria of many months of blood, sweat and tears poured into a product launch or PR event is no less meaningful or important to me than being perfectly positioned to capture the exact moment a couple are declared husband and wife.

The skill and training required to be a great event photographer is every bit as demanding too – the confidence to wait for the perfect shot, balanced with the skill to react with lightning speed to capture a ‘blink-and-you’ve-missed-it’ moment. The ability to deal with challenging lighting conditions and have the equipment and knowledge to capture the beauty and effervescence of your occasion.

My clients often comment on how they barely noticed me – and that’s how it should be. I’m not the attraction, I’m photographing it! However, I get ‘into’ the event and document it from the inside, giving you a perspective of your event that you hadn’t noticed at the time. A look through the gallery is often a voyage of discovery, with moments clients’ hadn’t noticed or remembered until the image jogs their memory. I create strong, sparkling, warm images that do you and your event justice.

So, why choose me to be your London Event Photographer?

Very simply, because I love doing it and because my passion drives me to deliver nothing short of my best every time.

My clients love my work – and so will you.

Charity fundraising events can obtain a discount on their event photography – please contact us for details.


Here is just a small selection of some of the London venues that I have provided photography at:

The Ritz, Avenue 8, The Savile Club (Mayfair), Sunborn Yacht Hotel, The Royal Society of Arts (RSA), Royal Exchange, Royal Kensington Garden Hotel, Vinopolis, The Landmark Hotel, Hispania, The Rosewood Hotel, St Ermins Hotel


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No two events are the same, so please do get in touch and we can talk about your plans for your event and what you would ideally like in terms of photography. I would need some details from you in order to provide you with a quote for your conference photography or event photography.

I look forward to speaking with you soon!


By John Erskine

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