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ABOUT ME – John Erskine London Wedding Photographer

As a Professional Wedding photographer it’s a good job that I genuinely love weddings. My own wedding day is up there in my top four life moments, along with the births of my three children. I currently own five cameras, eight lenses and don’t even mention the lighting equipment; but I’m a man, I love technology so I always have my eye out for the next upgrade!

My aim as a wedding photographer is to document your day in a compelling and stylish way; putting you at ease, catching people at their natural best, organising group photos, and capturing the moments of sheer joy and emotion. Unobtrusive whenever possible yet always there – I am discreet yet involved so I capture as much of your day as possible.

As an aside, I speak fairly fluent French and am very comfortable photographing French speaking couples, both in the UK and in France.


It’s a tricky one, because I genuinely love everything about weddings. However, if you really want to know….

  • The emotion. There’s absolutely nothing like catching the bride as she looks at herself in full makeup and dress for the first time – or catching her mum’s expression at that same moment. Or a father’s pride as he walks her down the aisle… My daughter is currently 6 years old so it’s a way off yet, but I can’t help but relate….
  • The special touches. I remember the care and consideration that went into every tiny aspect and detail of our wedding day – and I understand the huge amount of thought and research that goes into that single, fleeting day. It’s my role to document those details and preserve them, and I take that role seriously!
  • The people. The thing I love most about weddings is the people. I am incredibly honoured to have worked with some truly lovely couples – and I’ve never had a wedding yet where I haven’t enjoyed being in the company of their nearest and dearest. I love what I do. Simple.

The silly version of me (taken by a guest at one of my regular events with Imperial College London)…

fun photographer on the dance floor party


  • My violinist wife (she runs an excellent string quartet, which can be found here – London String Quartet)
  • My two boys (12 and 10) – and seeing them grow into little gentlemen.
  • My daughter (6 and feisty) – and watching her wrap me around her little finger (yes, I know it’s happening….)
  • London (born and raised) and my current home county, West Sussex with a nominal base still in Kent
  • Football, especially West Ham
  • Travelling – and coming back home again
  • Meeting new people
  • Skiing
  • Fast cars, fast bikes and track days when you can safely enjoy the speed
  • All things technology…..

Granny Grandmother Smiles at the Wedding Photographer

And here’s a photo of me looking arty and brooding – taken by my great friend Iain Gomes


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